Saab 99 (1976)

Manufacturer : Saab
Productions : 1976
Engine : four-cylinder, 87 hp DIN (64 kW) at 5500 rpm
Source :

The engine ultimately used in the original 99 was a four-cylinder in-line engine that was tilted at 45 degrees, basically half of a V8. The engine produced 87 hp DIN (64 kW) at 5500 rpm. The engine was watercooled, but unlike most cars of the time it had an electric cooling fan. During the lifetime of the 99 model, several later engine developments took place.

The bonnet (hood) was forward-hinged and the panel extended over the front wheel arches. The windscreen (windshield) was wrap-around and very deep for the era.

Due to the American sealed beam headlight requirement in place at the time the USA models had a special front facia with two round headlights instead of the single rectangular unit it had in other markets. The “US front” then became a popular item for car customisers in Europe.

Early 99s carried over the freewheel transmission from the Saab 96, but the freewheel was removed with the introduction of the 1.9 L engine, possibly on account of the extra power that the apparatus would have to transmit.

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