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McLaren M6GT (1967-1969)

home McLaren M6GT (1967 1969) Manufacturer : McLaren
calendar McLaren M6GT (1967 1969) Productions : 1967-1969
world McLaren M6GT (1967 1969) Source :

The McLaren M6A was a racing car developed by driver Bruce McLaren and his Bruce McLaren Motor Racing team for their entry in 1967 Can-Am season. As a replacement for the team’s M1Bs from 1966, the Chevrolet-powered McLaren M6A’s improved design earned Bruce McLaren and his team their first of multiple Can-Am championships. After the McLaren M6A were replaced by the M8A in preparation for 1968, McLaren and technical partner Trojan developed the M6B which was sold to customers for use in Can-Am as well as other racing series.

The M6 name was later used in the development of a closed-cockpit sports car for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and known as the M6GT. The company’s plan to homologate it for the FIA’s Group 4 regulations was however never completed, and only a few M6GT prototypes were finished by McLaren and Trojan. Two M6GTs were later converted to road cars, one of which became Bruce McLaren’s personal transport.

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McLaren M10 (1969)

McLaren M10 (1969) 1

home McLaren M10 (1969) Manufacturer : McLaren
calendar McLaren M10 (1969) Productions : 1969
settings McLaren M10 (1969) Engine : V8 4995 ccm (303,27 cubic inches)
config McLaren M10 (1969) Transmission : 5 Speed manual transmission
world McLaren M10 (1969) Source :

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mclaren m10

McLaren F1 (1993)

McLaren F1 (1993) 1

home McLaren F1 (1993) Manufacturer : McLaren
calendar McLaren F1 (1993) Productions : 1993
world McLaren F1 (1993) Source :

The McLaren F1 is a sports car designed and manufactured by Gordon Murray and McLaren Automotive. On March 31, 1998, it set the record for the fastest production car in the world, 240 mph (391 km/h). As of April 2009, the McLaren F1 is succeeded by three faster cars in sheer top speed, but is still the fastest naturally aspirated production car.

The car features numerous proprietary designs and technologies. It is lighter and has a more streamlined structure than even most of its modern rivals and competitors despite having one seat more than most similar sports cars, with the driver’s seat located in the middle. It features a powerful engine and is somewhat track oriented, but not to the degree that it compromises everyday usability and comfort. It was conceived as an exercise in creating what its designers hoped would be considered the ultimate road car. Despite not having been designed as a track machine, a modified race car edition of the vehicle won several races, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995, where it faced purpose-built prototype race cars. Production began in 1992 and ended in 1998. In all, 106 cars were manufactured, with some variations in the design.

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