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Subaru R-2 (1969)

home Subaru R 2 (1969) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru R 2 (1969) Productions : 1969
world Subaru R 2 (1969) Source :

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Subaru Alcyone (1985-1991)

Subaru Alcyone (1985-1991) 1

home Subaru Alcyone (1985 1991) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru Alcyone (1985 1991) Productions : 1985-1991
settings Subaru Alcyone (1985 1991) Engine : 1781 cc F4 producing 97 hp (72 kW) at 5200 rpm and 103 ft·lbf (140 Nm) at 3200 rpm (9.5:1 compression ratio)
world Subaru Alcyone (1985 1991) Source :

The Subaru XT, XT6, and Alcyone were sporty coupes sold from 1985 to 1991 by Subaru. The XT was sold in Australia and New Zealand as the Vortex and the XT6 was sold in North America and Europe. The Alcyone was sold in Japan. All were available in front wheel drive or all wheel drive (depending on the year).

Subaru Alcyone SVX (1991-1997)

Subaru Alcyone SVX (1991-1997) 1

home Subaru Alcyone SVX (1991 1997) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru Alcyone SVX (1991 1997) Productions : 1991-1997
settings Subaru Alcyone SVX (1991 1997) Engine :  3.3 litre variant 230 hp (172 kW) at 5,400 rpm and 228 ft·lbf (309 Nm) of torque at 4,400 rpm.
config Subaru Alcyone SVX (1991 1997) Transmission : 4-speed automatic transmission
world Subaru Alcyone SVX (1991 1997) Source :

Subaru introduced the SVX in the United States in July of 1991, following up the U.S. debut with a Japanese market introduction in September of that year. The model was designed and marketed as the replacement for their aging Alcyone XT and Alcyone XT6 coupes. US sales were good and topped 3,859 units in 1993, although it is reported that Subaru intended to sell 10,000 SVXs each year. Sales dropped significantly for the next few years before falling to just 640 units in 1997, at which point Subaru discontinued the vehicle.

Overall sales of the SVX were 14,257 in the United States and a total of approximately 25,000 worldwide. 2,478 SVXs were sold in Europe (with 854 headed directly to Germany). Roughly 7,000 of all SVXs sold were right-hand drive models.

Subaru Domingo (1983)

home Subaru Domingo (1983) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru Domingo (1983) Productions : 1983
world Subaru Domingo (1983) Source :

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Subaru Justy (1984)

Subaru Justy 1984 1 Subaru Justy (1984)

Subaru Justy (1984)

home Subaru Justy (1984) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru Justy (1984) Productions : 1984
settings Subaru Justy (1984) Engine : 1.0L/1.2L Subaru EF engine
config Subaru Justy (1984) Transmission : Five Speed Manual or CVT
world Subaru Justy (1984) Source :

The first one, introduced in 1984, was updated in 1989, but the changes were small. In 1994 a rebadged Suzuki Swift was sold as Justy in most European countries; in 2004 it was replaced by a rebadged Suzuki Ignis (the Subaru G3X Justy).

Initially, the Justy was equipped with a 1.0 or 1.2 litre three-cylinder engine and either a manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission with either front wheel drive or on-demand four wheel drive. The CVT technology (a pushbelt system) was employed because with a conventional automatic transmission, performance would have been unacceptable, due to the small 3-cylinder engine.

The manual transmission version of the Justy was known for excellent mechanical reliability and fuel economy. It was reported to give 50miles per gallon as a new car. However, it was small and noisy as one would expect of a compact hatchback. The five-speed manual transmission worked reliably, but was far from smooth to operate because its synchronizers were not very good. The CVT version was able to get reasonable acceleration out of the small engine. In the United States, because of the long distances, the CVT was considered not reliable, but this has not been the case in other countries.

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Subaru 1000 (1965)

Subaru 1000 1965 1 590x442 Subaru 1000 (1965)

home Subaru 1000 (1965) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru 1000 (1965) Productions : 1965
world Subaru 1000 (1965) Source :

The Subaru 1000 was the first front wheel drive Subaru produced by Fuji Heavy Industries starting in 1966. It is sometimes claimed to be Japan’s first mass produced front wheel drive car, although Suzuki had been producing front wheel drive cars in small quantities since 1955. All previous Subaru models such as the Subaru 360, Sambar, and 450 had been rear engined, rear wheel drive cars.

These cars featured a unique water-cooled, horizontally opposed four cylinder engine, with overhead valves operated by pushrods. It is thought that the engine was inspired by those used in the German Hansa-Goliath cars that had gone out of production a few years ealier, but it is not certain whether or not Subaru engineers actually used the design as a reference. Modern Subarus still make use of horizontally opposed four cylinder engines, albeit of a much greater capacity and with more modern overhead cam driven valves.

As was typical of early front wheel drive cars, the 1000 featured inboard drum brakes up front (but atypically Subaru would retain this unusual design into the seventies). Other unique features of the 1000 were a lack of a heater core, the heating system took its warmth directly from the radiator, and a hybrid suspension system that used torsion bars in combination with coil springs (much like the front suspension of the Subaru 360). The 1000 was superseded by the 1100 (also known as the Star in the United States and in other export markets) at the start of the seventies.

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Subaru Rex (1981-1986)

Subaru Rex (1981-1986)

home Subaru Rex (1981 1986) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru Rex (1981 1986) Productions : 1981-1986
settings Subaru Rex (1981 1986) Engine : inline 2 cylinder, 30,85.00 PS (22,89 kW or 30,85 HP) at 6000 Rev. per min.
config Subaru Rex (1981 1986) Transmission : 4 speed manual transmission
world Subaru Rex (1981 1986) Source :

In August 1981, the second generation Subaru Rex became front wheel drive, with all new bodywork and independent suspension all around. Power remained at 31 PS (23 kW), with a twin-barrel carburettor. Three and five-door hatchback versions were available. Optional on-demand 4WD became available after October 1983. The 4WD system was electrically engaged by depressing an embedded switch on top of the gear shift. A turbo was introduced on the 4WD Rex in December 1983. The Rex Dinos, a trim level introduced in 1982, was only available by mail order catalog.

In the European markets, this car was originally marketed as the Subaru 600 or Mini Jumbo. In September 1982 it became the Subaru 700, as it received a larger 665 cc version of the two-cylinder,producing 37 PS (27 kW) (a 35 PS version using lower octane gas was also available). The engine used a single-barrel carburettor. Top speed was 125 km/h (78 mph), compared to 110 km/h (68 mph) for the 31 PS (23 kW) domestic version. These cars were 9 cm longer than their domestic counterparts, due to bigger bumpers, and received 12-inch wheels (rather than the ten-inch units used in Japan). Production ended in September 1986, as Subaru was getting ready to introduce the modernized third generation Rex.

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Subaru R-2 (1969-1972)

Subaru R 2 1969 1972 1 560x381 Subaru R 2 (1969 1972)

Subaru R-2 (1969-1972)

home Subaru R 2 (1969 1972) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru R 2 (1969 1972) Productions : 1969-1972
settings Subaru R 2 (1969 1972) Engine : inline 2 cylinder, 26,87.00 PS (19,90 kW or 26,87 HP) at 6000 Rev. per min.
config Subaru R 2 (1969 1972) Transmission : 4 speed manual transmission
world Subaru R 2 (1969 1972) Source :

The Subaru R-2 was a kei car manufactured by Subaru from 1969-1972. The R-2 was a full model change of the popular Subaru 360, but with an updated appearance and increased interior space. The R-2 appeared approximately one year before the Honda Life, Daihatsu Fellow Max and Suzuki Fronte kei cars, however, it continued to use the powertrain setup from the Subaru 360, which was the EK33 air-cooled 2 cylinder engine installed in the back, which is the inspiration for the name of the vehicle. It appeared around the same time as the second generation Mitsubishi Minica.

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Subaru VIVIO (1992)

Subaru VIVIO (1992) 1

home Subaru VIVIO (1992) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru VIVIO (1992) Productions : 1992
world Subaru VIVIO (1992) Source :

The Subaru Vivio was a keicar that was introduced in March 1992, and manufactured by Subaru. The name “Vivio” is a reference to the numbers 660 written in Latin numerals, and also inspired by the word vivid. The Vivio replaced the Subaru Rex. It was available in 3 and 5-door versions. The “Vivio Bistro” was a variation with a retro theme, with Mini-esque front and rear fascias, matching upholstery and modifications to the dashboard. The Bistro series was popular and Japan would see a string of modern retro-styled cars. The Vivio was available with a variety of supercharged 4-cylinder engines.

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Subaru Leone (1971-1989)

home Subaru Leone (1971 1989) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru Leone (1971 1989) Productions : 1971-1989
settings Subaru Leone (1971 1989) Engine : GLF. Turbocharged engine
config Subaru Leone (1971 1989) Transmission : 5-speed or automatic transmission
world Subaru Leone (1971 1989) Source :

The Subaru Leone is a compact automobile produced by Subaru from June 1971 to February 1989 when it was replaced by the Subaru Loyale, which was essentially the same car, only with a different name. The Leone was known as the “GL/DL” in North America. The Leone was offered in sedan and hardtop coupe format from launch and station wagon format starting in September 1972.

This nameplate covered three generations of compact Subaru; the dates given below are for North American-market vehicles.

  • 1972 model year – GF hardtop coupe offered alongside existing G-series sedans and wagon.
  • 1973 model year; G series replaced by new (Loyale) two- and four door sedans and 5-door wagon.
  • 1975 model year – All-wheel drive wagon offered.
  • 1978 – AWD-only pickup added, marketed as Subaru Brat in North America and Subaru Brumby in Australia. Sedans and wagons offered in plainer DL and fancier GL trim.
  • 1980 – SECOND GENERATION – restyled body for passenger cars. Two-door sedan dropped, replaced by 3-door hatchback on a shorter wheelbase than the others, available with AWD. Pickup continues on old body. 5-speed manual transmission supplied with 2WD GL sedans and wagon and GLF hardtop.
  • 1982 – Pickup now restyled, catches up with passenger cars.
  • 1983 – GL now midlevel trim, fancier GL-10 trim for all bodystyles replaces hardtop-only GLF. Turbocharged engine (“Turbo-Traction”) available on AWD GL-10s. AWD now available on sedans and hardtops, and with 5-speed or automatic transmission for the first time. Minor trim changes for all models include “honeycomb” grille texture, Mercedes-style ribbed taillight lenses, and plastic-covered bumpers (except North American 2wd models). GL and GL-10 now have quad headlights.
  • 1985 – THIRD GENERATION sedan and wagon with larger, angular body. Quad headlights now on base DL, composite headlights on GL and GL-10. Hardtop discontinued, second gen. hatchback and pickup continue without change.

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