Volkswagen Polo (1999)

Volkswagen Polo (1999) 1

Manufacturer : Volkswagen
Productions : 1999
Engine : 1043 cc (45 PS/33 kW)
Source : netcarshow.com

The Polo was launched as 3-door and 5-door hatchback versions, and was aimed at addressing many of the previous model’s shortcomings, principally the lack of a 5-door version, and feeble performance. Although the dashboard and a number of mechanical components, including engines, were shared with the Ibiza, outwardly the two cars were different, with no shared body panels.

A year later, sedan (Polo Classic) and station wagon (Polo Variant) versions were also added to the range — these were badge engineered versions of the Ibiza-based SEAT Cordoba. They were referred to internally by VW as 6K, and shared body panels with the SEAT model rather than the hatchback models. The Volkswagen Caddy van shares the same platform and front end styling as these models. A convertible version was not produced, although a version with an electrically sliding full length sunroof, called the Polo Open Air, was available.

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