Subaru Alcyone SVX (1991-1997)

Subaru Alcyone SVX (1991-1997) 1

Manufacturer : Subaru
Productions : 1991-1997
Engine :  3.3 litre variant 230 hp (172 kW) at 5,400 rpm and 228 ft·lbf (309 Nm) of torque at 4,400 rpm.
Transmission : 4-speed automatic transmission
Source : netcarshow.com

Subaru introduced the SVX in the United States in July of 1991, following up the U.S. debut with a Japanese market introduction in September of that year. The model was designed and marketed as the replacement for their aging Alcyone XT and Alcyone XT6 coupes. US sales were good and topped 3,859 units in 1993, although it is reported that Subaru intended to sell 10,000 SVXs each year. Sales dropped significantly for the next few years before falling to just 640 units in 1997, at which point Subaru discontinued the vehicle.

Overall sales of the SVX were 14,257 in the United States and a total of approximately 25,000 worldwide. 2,478 SVXs were sold in Europe (with 854 headed directly to Germany). Roughly 7,000 of all SVXs sold were right-hand drive models.

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