Audi quattro (1980)

Manufacturer : Audi
Productions : 1980-1991
Engine : 2.1 L, single overhead cam, 10 valve straight-5 originally making 160 hp (149 kW)
Source : netcarshow.com

The Audi Quattro was a famous and historically significant Audi road and Rally car. It was special in that it was the first AWD Grand Tourer since 1966′s Jensen FF. Officially, the model name is simply “Quattro”, always with a capital “Q” (although the graphics on the car, confusingly, refer to the AWD system and use a lowercase “q”). The word “quattro” with the lowercase “q” is used to refer to either the Audi AWD system, or any AWD version of an Audi automobile. To avoid confusion, it is also commonly referred to as the Ur-Quattro (the “Ur-” prefix is a German augmentative used, in this case, to mean “original” and is also applied to the first generation of Audi’s S4 and S6 sport sedans, as in “UrS4″ and “UrS6″).

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