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Bugatti Type 57SC Gangloff Drop Head Coupe 1937

Bugatti Type 57SC Gangloff Drop Head Coupe 1937

Bugatti Type 57SC Gangloff Drop Head Coupe 1937 is the most expensive car ever purchased at auction, when an anonymous bidder spent an estimated 30 million dollars. That car is in the Oxnard, CA museum called Mullin Automotive Museum. It is from the Ralph Lauren collection.

Volkswagen Kübelwagen

VW Kuebelwagen

Volkswagen Kübelwagen Specifications :
Manufacturer : Volkswagen
Also called : Safari, “Bucket / Tub Car”
Production : 1940-1945
Assembly : KDF-Stadt, Wolfsburg
Predecessor : VW type 62
Successor : VW type 181 ‘Thing’
Class : Military vehicle
Body style(s) : 4-door utility roadster
Layout : RR layout
Platform : VW Type 1 Kdf-Wagen
Engine(s) : air-cooled flat-4, 985 cc (23 bhp (17 kW)) / 1,131 cc (25 bhp (19 kW))
Transmission(s) : 4-speed manual; self-locking differential
Wheelbase : 240 cm (94 in)
Length : 374 cm (147 in)
Width : 160 cm (63 in)
Height : 165 cm (65 in) (top up); 111 cm (44 in) collapsible
Curb weight : 715 kg (1,580 lb) (GVW 1,160 kg)

VW Kuebelwagen

Honda CD200 1981

home Honda CD200 1981 Manufacturer : Honda
calendar Honda CD200 1981 Productions : 1981
settings Honda CD200 1981 Engine : Twin cylinder Air-cooled Four-stroke, Single Over Head Cam Parallel twin.
config Honda CD200 1981 Transmission : -

Honda introduced several 200 cm³ bikes with similar engines but different body variations in the 1980s. The model introduced in South Africa and Pakistan was known as the CD 200 “Road Master”. It was a detuned version of the Honda CD185 twin. The CD 200 sold more for its looks then performance as its square speedometer, huge front and rear mudguards, twin chrome exhausts, neatly tucked in choke behind handle bars and a chrome plated fuel tank with the Honda logo contributed to an interesting styling.

The bike was a cheap commuter vehicle with a claimed 100 miles (160 km) per gallon and a smooth ride. Too slow for a 200 cm³ bike, its top speed was only 70 mph (112 km/h) as the engine was detuned to keep maintenance cost to a minimum. This bike targeted users who wanted a comfortable cheap transport suitable for long routes with low maintenance. Use of simple drum breaks in rear and front and a single carburetor were other measures used to keep the maintenance low. The bike accelerated hard up to 65 mph (105 km/h); after that it was a flat ride. The engine had to be revved very hard to create any kind of excitement as the bike was too heavy (140 kg) for an engine that produced a modest 16 bhp.
This model suffered from various manufacturing faults like a noisy cam chain and an unreliable electrical starter (later models were upgraded with 12 volts CDI system in the UK.). In the UK the CD200 was affected by legislation restricting learner riders to bikes limited to 125 cm³ and 12bhp. Honda introduced a 125 cm³ Benly after the CD200 was withdrawn.The CD 200 Road Master was sold in South Africa until late 2004 and was used mainly as a courier/delivery bike.It retained the 6 volt electrics and points ignition.

Toyota Corona T190 1994

Toyota Corona T190 Specifications:
home Toyota Corona T190 1994 Manufacturer : Toyota
calendar Toyota Corona T190 1994 Productions : 1994
settings Toyota Corona T190 1994 Engine : 1.6, 1.8, or 2.0 liter engine.
config Toyota Corona T190 1994 Transmission : manual
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Volkswagen Super Beetle Type 1 (VW 1303) 1973

Volkswagen Super Beetle Type 1 (VW 1303) 1973

Volkswagen Super Beetle Type 1 (VW 1303) 1973 Specifications :
Manufacturer : Volkswagen
Productions : 1973
Engine : 1500 cc OHV H4, bore 83 mm, stroke 69 mm, Transmission : 4-speed manual
Wheelbase : 2,400 mm (94.5 in)
Length : 4,079 mm (160.6 in)
Width : 1,539 mm (60.6 in)
Curb weight : 840 kg (1,900 lb)
Photo Credit : Ed McGowan

Toyota Alphard First Generation 2002-2008

Toyota+Alphard+First+Generation+2002 2008 Toyota Alphard First Generation 2002 2008
Toyota Alphard First Generation 2002-2008

Toyota Alphard First Generation Specifications:
Manufacturer : Toyota
Engine : 2AZ-FE 2.400 cc 4 cylinders 16 valve VVT-i 160 PS/ 1MZ-FE 3.000 cc V6 24 valve VVT-i 220 PS

Transmission : 4 & 5 speed automatic super ECT
Drivetrain : FWD and 4WD
Dimension and weight :
Length : 4,865 mm (191.5 in)
Width : 1,830 mm (72.0 in)
Height : 1,935 mm (76.2 in)
Wheelbase : 2,900 mm (114.2 in)

Toyota+Alphard+First+Generation+2002 2008+2 Toyota Alphard First Generation 2002 2008
Toyota Alphard First Generation 2002-2008

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Toyota Lexus First Generation (XF10) 1989-1994

Toyota Lexus First Generation (XF10) specification :
home Toyota Lexus First Generation (XF10) 1989 1994 Manufacturer : Toyota
calendar Toyota Lexus First Generation (XF10) 1989 1994 Productions : 1989-1994
settings Toyota Lexus First Generation (XF10) 1989 1994 Engine : 4.0 L 1UZ-FE V8
config Toyota Lexus First Generation (XF10) 1989 1994 Transmission : 4-speed A341E automatic read more »

Mercedes Benz 280SL 1968

Mercedes Benz 280SL 1968 specifications :

home Mercedes Benz 280SL 1968 Manufacturer : Mercedes Benz
calendar Mercedes Benz 280SL 1968 Productions : 1968
settings Mercedes Benz 280SL 1968 Engine : 2.8L I6, # Type: Conventional, watercooled four stroke, reciprocating piston type with 6 cylinders, Configuration: Front mounted, longitudinal, inline, Head: Pushrod and rocker actuated ohv, overhead camshaft, Fuel System: Bosch six plunger pump
config Mercedes Benz 280SL 1968 Transmission : 4-speed automatic, 4-speed manual, 5-speed manual read more »

1970 Nissan 240Z

1970 Nissan 240Z 1 580x435 1970 Nissan 240Z

home 1970 Nissan 240Z Manufacturer :  Nissan
calendar 1970 Nissan 240Z Productions : 1970
settings 1970 Nissan 240Z Engine : 2.0 litre straight-6
config 1970 Nissan 240Z Transmission : 5-speed manual transmission
world 1970 Nissan 240Z Source :

The Nissan S30 (sold in Japan as the Nissan Fairlady Z and in other markets as the Datsun 240Z and later as the 260Z and 280Z) was the first generation of Z sporty 2 seater and 2+2 coupes produced by Nissan Motors, Ltd. of Japan from 1969 to 1978. It was designed by a team led by Mr. Yoshihiko Matsuo, the head of Nissan’s Sports Car Styling Studio. HLS30 was the designation of the left-hand drive model and HS30 for the right-hand drive model.

The Fairlady Z was introduced in late 1969 as a 1970 model, with the L20A 2.0 litre straight-6 SOHC engine, rear wheel drive, and a stylish coupe body. The engine, based on the Datsun 510′s 4-cylinder, produced 150 hp (112 kW) and came with a 5-speed manual transmission (240Z models received the L24 2.4 litre engine and a 4-speed manual). A less common 3-speed automatic transmission was optional from 1971 on, and had a “Nissan Full Automatic” badge. A 4-wheel independent suspension consisted of MacPherson struts in front (borrowed from the Datsun Laurel C30) and Chapman struts in back. Front disc brakes and rear drums were standard.

Kawasaki KZ200 A1 1977-1978

Kawasaki+KZ200+A1+2 Kawasaki KZ200 A1 1977 1978
Kawasaki KZ200 A1 1977-1978

Specifications :
Manufacturer : Kawasaki
Production : 1977-1985
Class : Street bike
Engine : 200cc, four-stroke, single cylinder, Single Over Head Camshaft,5-Speed Return Shift.
Sparkplug : NGK B7ES

Front Tire : 2.75-18 4PR
Rear Tire : 3.25-17 4PR
Fuel Tank color: Cerulean Blue, Garnet Brown.
Remarks: Four-stroke, single-cylinder commuter, with mechanical front disc brake, safety side stand, and electric starter. Steering lock is combined with ignition switch.
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Kawasaki+KZ200+A1+1 Kawasaki KZ200 A1 1977 1978
Kawasaki KZ200 A1 1977-1978
Kawasaki+KZ200+A1+3 Kawasaki KZ200 A1 1977 1978
Kawasaki KZ200 A1 1977-1978
Kawasaki+KZ200+A1+4 Kawasaki KZ200 A1 1977 1978
Kawasaki KZ200 A1 1977-1978
Kawasaki+KZ200+A1+5 Kawasaki KZ200 A1 1977 1978
Kawasaki KZ200 A1 1977-1978