How many car brands are used in India?

Oh boy, India, the land of spices, yoga, and yes, a whirlwind of car brands! In this potpourri of vehicles, India hosts over 30 car brands (just imagine that!). From the feisty Fiat to the majestic Mercedes, and not forgetting our very own Indian brands like Tata and Mahindra, you'll find them all vrooming across the Indian landscape. It's like a never-ending car festival here. So, if you're a petrolhead like me, welcome to paradise!

Aug, 2 2023

Why is GM one of the biggest car brands in the US?

As a car enthusiast, it's clear to me that GM has earned its place as one of the biggest car brands in the US. GM's long history, dating back to 1908, has allowed it to build a strong reputation and consumer trust. GM's diverse range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs, appeals to a wide audience. Their investment in innovation and technology, especially in electric vehicles, keeps them at the forefront of the industry. Lastly, GM's commitment to safety and reliability makes it a favorite among American families.

Jul, 18 2023