How many car brands are used in India?

How many car brands are used in India?
Aug, 2 2023

The Vibrant Car Landscape of India

I cannot help but compare the automotive industry to my Golden Retriever, Baxter’s, vibrant toy box. One filled with varied colours and sizes, squeaky ones, the rugged ones, some imported, and few deeply loved. Each toy peddling a distinct personality, yet all thrown together in that one jolly box. Similarly, distinct car brands make their mark in India with their unique identities. From luxury to local, India hosts an assortment of car brands and today, we will take a deep dive into this diverse landscape.

Unfolding The Indian Car Market's Many Layers

Just like Baxter, who enjoys meals from different cuisines (don't tell the vet), the Indian car market thrives on variety. From luxury vehicles to economical run-arounds, India has them all. The car ecosystem of India is dotted with international and domestic manufacturers. Companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, and Mahindra spearhead the local market with their affordable and sturdy options. Droves of Maruti Alto's zooming about town is a common sight, a testament to the brand's popularity. Internationally, Toyota, Honda, and Ford have made themselves at home with India-specific models like Ford EcoSport.

That being said, the Indian middle class's growing disposable income has laid the foundation for the luxury car market's growth. Brands like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW can now be spotted on the meandering ghat roads and amidst the honking city traffic. Picture this, my mate Vinay all suave in his BMW3, the smug grin on his face brighter than the car's glossy headlamps. Trust me, the Indian car market is as multifaceted and layered as Ziggy, my tabby cat's personality.

Electric Cars Sparkling A Revolution

Talking of variety, let's not forget the latest segment to go 'vroom' in the Indian market - Electric Vehicles (EVs). EVs in India are still 'the new kid on the block', but the trend is catching on. Tata has ridden the wave with its Nexon EV, while Hyundai's Kona Electric has found quite a few takers too, and MG ZS EV has provided tough competition. Interestingly, Tesla, the global EV superstar, is also testing the Indian waters, bringing an air of global sophistication to the local scene. You ask me and I say that EVs are going to be to the car world what Baxter is when I get home, an electrifying presence.

Yet, in the grand scheme of things, EVs are still in the infancy stage with much potential to explore. India's EV segment hold prospects for fun-sized electric cars (Imagine a 'Mini Cooper', but electric!) and robust pick-up trucks. Indian consumers will look forward to seeing how the market evolves in this regard.

Used Cars - Oldies but Goodies

The used car segment is the Ziggy of the Indian car market, often lurking in the shadows but always there when needed. Brands like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, and Honda often yield reliable used cars, with Toyota Innova and Honda City being popular choices. Maruti 800, an old warhorse, still trundles along on Indian roads, a throwback to a simpler time. Which reminds me of my father's first car, a Maruti 800. Ah, the nostalgia of that orange boxy structure. Close to my heart, just like old Ziggy.

Used car sales in India have seen a significant boom, offering a more economical way for families to own a vehicle. There are numerous online and offline platforms providing good deals, with full-service history and sometimes even warranties. Much like Ziggy who turns a year older tomorrow but plays like a frisky kitten, there's much life left in these pre-loved automobiles.

India's car market, much like Baxter’s toy-box, is brimming with choices. Each brand and each model contributes to the vibrant auto-landscape of the country, offering consumers an extensive range to choose from, be it low-cost, luxury, electric, or used. This colour and vibrancy of the Indian car market is what makes it unique, innovative and ever-evolving. To the world, I say keep your eyes on the Indian car market. Trust me, it's as interesting as Baxter and Ziggy's sibling rivalry. Plenty of surprises up its tailpipe!


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