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Renault 4 CV (1946-1961)

over a million. The 4CV was originally conceived and designed covertly by Renault engineers during the German occupation of France during World War II, when the manufacturer was under strict orders to design and produce only commercial and military vehicles. A design team led by Fernand Picard, Charles-Edmond Serre and Jean-Auguste Riolfo envisioned a small, economical car (similar to the Volkswagen Beetle) suitable for the economically difficul…

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McLaren M6GT (1967-1969)

oped the M6B which was sold to customers for use in Can-Am as well as other racing series. The M6 name was later used in the development of a closed-cockpit sports car for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and known as the M6GT. The company’s plan to homologate it for the FIA’s Group 4 regulations was however never completed, and only a few M6GT prototypes were finished by McLaren and Trojan. Two M6GTs were later converted to road cars, o…

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Aston Martin Bulldog Concept Car (1980)

Manufacturer : Aston Martin Productions : 1980 Engine : 5.3L twin-turbo V8 delivering 700 bhp (522 kW) Source : Styled by William Towns, the Aston Martin Bulldog was ultimately built as a one-off testbed. Originally, it had been intended to be a limited run of about 25. The code name for the project was DP K9, named after a Doctor Who character. It was built in the UK, but is a left-hand-drive car (UK cars are right-hand-driv…

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Jeep Willys Quad (1940)

Jeep Willys Quad (1940) 1 Manufacturer :  Jeep Productions : 1940 Source : At first, Willys-Overland and American Bantam Car Manufacturing Company were the only two companies answering the call. Soon, however, Ford Motor Company entered the picture, and competition began among the three over which company would receive the lucrative government contract. Each company produced prototypes for testing in record time. Bantam’…

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Toyota Supra (1996)

…me output at increased engine speeds. During low-speed operation, only one turbocharger operates, using less exhaust energy to improve response and torque from a standing start. In the middle-speed range, the second turbo comes to idle at a pre-set exhaust pressure for a smooth transition from the primary to the secondary turbocharger. Both turbos operate at full boost in the high-speed range. Due to ever-increasing emission requirements, …

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Saab EV-1 Concept Car (1985)

Saab EV-1 Concept Car (1985) Manufacturer : Saab Productions : 1985 Engine : 285 hp (213 kW) Source : Saab EV-1, or Saab 900 Turbo EV-1, was developed by Saab in 1985 as a fully functional and roadworthy future design study (EV-1 stands for Experimental Vehicle One). It was a wedge-shaped 2 + 2 sports coupé body style based on the Saab 900 Turbo 16v. The body was steel and the roof all glass. The design was made by Björn Enva…

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Toyota Kijang First Generation 1977-1980

an in 1977. The first Kijang is a boxy little pick-up truck powered by 1.2 liter 3K engine matched to 4 speed manual transmission. The pick-up with rear body and roof was also produced. The Kijang Minibus was built by a local company. First introduced on the 9th of June 1977. It was a boxy pickup truck with a half door, the window was made only from plastic and tarp canvas. The door hinge can be seen from the outside. The KF10 generation was usin…

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Honda Prelude (1978-1979)

1978 and 2001. It spanned five generations of cars but was discontinued upon the release of the fourth-generation Honda Integra in Japan in late 2001, due to its decreasing sales and popularity. The Prelude’s perennial competitor has been the Toyota Celica, another I4-powered coupe introduced several years prior to the Prelude. Throughout the 1980s, it was challenged by the Nissan Silvia, Isuzu Impulse, Mitsubishi FTO, Mitsubishi Cordia (l…

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1957 Chrysler 300C

…rysler has recently started using these designations again for sporting near-luxury sedans, using 300M from 1999, and continuing the 300 series with a new V8-powered 300C, the top model of a relaunched Chrysler 300 line, a completely new rear wheel drive car launched in 2004 for the 2005 model year. This is disliked by some fans of old Chryslers who do not approve of the reuse of a 300 letter series designation. Unlike the first series, the…

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1953 Cadillac Le Mans Concept

Manufacturer : Cadillac Productions : 1953 Engine :  331 CI V-8 250-HP Source : The Cadillac Le Mans was a concept car developed by Cadillac in 1953. It was named for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France, which Cadillac competed in in 1950. The design was a low-profile (51-inches to the windshield frame), two-seat, fiberglass-bodied roadster. It was powered by a 250-HP version of Cadillac’s 331 CI V-8, a power output …

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