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Toyota Celica Camry (A40, A50) 1980–1982

Toyota+Celica+Camry+%28A40,+A50%29+1980%E2%80%931982 Toyota Celica Camry (A40, A50) 1980–1982
Toyota Celica Camry (A40, A50) 1980–1982

Toyota Celica Camry Specifications :
Manufacturer : Toyota
Also called : Toyota Carina
Production : 1980–1982

Assembly : Toyota City, Japan
Body style(s) : 4-door sedan
Layout : FR layout
Platform : A40/A50
Engine(s) : 1.6 L 12T-U I4/1.8 L 13T-U I4/2.0 L 18R-GEU I4

Toyota+Celica+Camry+%28A40,+A50%29+1980%E2%80%931982+1 Toyota Celica Camry (A40, A50) 1980–1982
Toyota Celica Camry (A40, A50) 1980–1982
Toyota+Celica+Camry+%28A40,+A50%29+1980%E2%80%931982+2 Toyota Celica Camry (A40, A50) 1980–1982
Toyota Celica Camry (A40, A50) 1980–1982

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Toyota Celica GTO – 1988

Toyota Celica GTO - 1988

home Toyota Celica GTO 1988 Manufacturer : Toyota
calendar Toyota Celica GTO 1988 Productions : 1986 – 1989
settings Toyota Celica GTO 1988 Engine : 4 cylinders, 2000 cc, 97 HP, gasoline-petrol fuel type.
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Honda Civic CVCC (1972-1975)

Honda Civic CVCC 1972 1975 1 590x442 Honda Civic CVCC (1972 1975)

home Honda Civic CVCC (1972 1975) Manufacturer : Honda
calendar Honda Civic CVCC (1972 1975) Productions : 1972-1975
settings Honda Civic CVCC (1972 1975) Engine : 1170 cc
config Honda Civic CVCC (1972 1975) Transmission : 1335 cc giving 55 hp to 1488 cc giving 67 hp
world Honda Civic CVCC (1972 1975) Source :

The Honda Civic is an automobile manufactured by Honda. It was introduced in July 1972 as a two-door coupe, followed by a 3-door hatchback version that September. With the transverse engine placement of its 1169 cc engine and front wheel drive, like the British Mini, the car provided good interior space despite overall small dimensions.

Early models of the Civic were typically outfitted with a basic AM radio, rudimentary heater, foam cushioned plastic trim, two-speed wipers, and painted steel rims with a chromed wheel nut cap. The current Civic has become much more luxurious with satellite-linked navigation, a six-speed manual, power locks and power windows available. Still, many regard the Civic as representing a good value for the money, combining good performance, reliability and economy, as well as a very low rate of depreciation.

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Toyota Celica Supra – 1982

1982 Toyota Celica Supra specifications :

Manufacturer : Toyota
Productions : 1982-1985
Class : Sport Car
Engine : 2366 cc, 4 cylinders, 96 BHP, gasoline fuel-type, rear wheel drive, weight 1179 kg. read more »

Toyota Celica GTU – 1983

1983 Toyota Celica GTU specifications :
Manufacturer : Toyota
Productions : 1982 – 1985
Engine : 4 cylinders, 2008cc, 16 valves DOHC, 290 HP, injection fuel feed, manual 5 speeds, rear wheel drive. read more »

Schwinn Lemon Peeler Sting-Ray 1972

home Schwinn Lemon Peeler Sting Ray 1972 Manufacturer : Schwinn
calendar Schwinn Lemon Peeler Sting Ray 1972 Productions : 1972
world Schwinn Lemon Peeler Sting Ray 1972 Source :

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Oldsmobile 442 (1968-1972)

home Oldsmobile 442 (1968 1972) Manufacturer : Oldsmobile
calendar Oldsmobile 442 (1968 1972) Productions : 1968-1972
world Oldsmobile 442 (1968 1972) Source :

The Oldsmobile 442 was a muscle car produced by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors. It was introduced as an option package for F-85 and Cutlass models sold in the United States beginning with the 1964 model year. It became a model in its own right from 1968 to 1971, then reverted to an option through the mid-1970s. Oldsmobile revived the name in the 1980s on the rear-wheel drive Cutlass Supreme and early 1990s as an option package for the new front-wheel drive Cutlass.

Toyota Celica GT – 1977

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1977 Toyota Celica GT Specifications :
Manufacturer : Toyota
Productions : 1970-1977
Engine : 4 cylinders, rear wheel, 1967 cc, 97 HP, gasoline fuel type, 4 gears manual transmission.

C:%5Cfakepath%5C1977 Toyota Celica GT0 2 Toyota Celica GT 1977

C:%5Cfakepath%5C1977 Toyota Celica GT0 3 Toyota Celica GT 1977

C:%5Cfakepath%5C1977 Toyota Celica GT0 4 Toyota Celica GT 1977

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Toyota Corona Mark II 1st Generation T60/T70 1968-1972

Toyota Corona Mark II

Toyota Corona Mark II 1st Generation T60/T70 Specifications :
Manufacturer : Toyota
Productions : 1968-1972
Engine : 1600cc 7R, 1700cc 6R

Toyota Corona Mark II

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Volkswagen Polo (1975-1981)

home Volkswagen Polo (1975 1981) Manufacturer : Volkswagen
calendar Volkswagen Polo (1975 1981) Productions : 1975-1981
settings Volkswagen Polo (1975 1981) Engine : dohc 50 PS (37 kW) 1.043 cc
world Volkswagen Polo (1975 1981) Source :

The Mk I Polo, a rebadged version of the Audi 50, was introduced in 1975. The differences between the Audi and VW models were minor, with the Polo being cheaper and much more basic. The two cars were initially sold along side each other, but the Audi 50 never sold as well, and was withdrawn in 1978. The Polo was manufactured at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. In 1977, the Derby sedan was released, which was simply a Polo, identical to the hatchback from the C-pillar forward, with a large boot attached (an old Audi proposal, but never sold by this brand).

When first on sale the range topping car, the LS model, featured the 50 PS (37 kW) 1043 cc engine found in the Audi 50. Other specifications included parking lights, rear wash wipe, sun visors, chromed bumpers and 4.5J X 13″ wheels. The N model was the basic starting spec lacking many of the features of the LS. In 1979 the GLS was introduced, replacing the LS as the range-topping car; specification upgrades included chrome headlight and grill surrounds, sunroof, a cigarette lighter and chrome wheel trims.

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