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Subaru 360 (1958-1971)

home Subaru 360 (1958 1971) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru 360 (1958 1971) Productions : 1958-1971
settings Subaru 360 (1958 1971) Engine : 2-stroke 356 cc
world Subaru 360 (1958 1971) Source :

The Subaru 360 was the first automobile mass produced by Fuji Heavy Industries’ Subaru division. The 360 was produced from 1958 to 1971.

The 360 featured an air-cooled, 2-stroke 356 cc engine mounted transversely at the rear. The engine was designed with a capacity of less than 360 cc so that the Subaru 360 would qualify for Japan’s keicar class. The body was of monocoque construction and featured a fiberglass roof panel, which was considered very advanced in 1958.

When introduced in 1958, the 360′s engine turned out 16 hp and Subaru claimed 66 mpg fuel economy; by the end of production, power had increased to 25 hp with a 36 hp twin-carbureted engine as an option.

Several variants were produced, including a station wagon (called the Custom), a convertible, and two sport models known as the Young S, which had a slightly upgraded engine, bucket seats and a tachometer along with a black, white striped roof with a dent along the middle to put one’s surfboard. The Young SS, which had dual carburetors and chrome bores, produced 36 hp (27 kW). From 1961 onwards, a truck and van called the Sambar were also produced using the 360′s engine. Many small businesses became very successful thanks to the pickup’s small size for tight streets, quickness, ease to drive and great fuel economy.

The 360 was imported to the United States by Malcolm Bricklin, but the Subaru 360 received notoriety in 1969, when Consumer Reports magazine branded the automobile “Not Acceptable” (because of safety concerns and lack of power), and sales collapsed. There were various rumors of Subaru 360s being tossed overboard or being shredded to pieces. It was also reported that many 360s sat on dealers’ lots for two or three years without ever being purchased.

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Subaru Leone (1971-1989)

home Subaru Leone (1971 1989) Manufacturer : Subaru
calendar Subaru Leone (1971 1989) Productions : 1971-1989
settings Subaru Leone (1971 1989) Engine : GLF. Turbocharged engine
config Subaru Leone (1971 1989) Transmission : 5-speed or automatic transmission
world Subaru Leone (1971 1989) Source :

The Subaru Leone is a compact automobile produced by Subaru from June 1971 to February 1989 when it was replaced by the Subaru Loyale, which was essentially the same car, only with a different name. The Leone was known as the “GL/DL” in North America. The Leone was offered in sedan and hardtop coupe format from launch and station wagon format starting in September 1972.

This nameplate covered three generations of compact Subaru; the dates given below are for North American-market vehicles.

  • 1972 model year – GF hardtop coupe offered alongside existing G-series sedans and wagon.
  • 1973 model year; G series replaced by new (Loyale) two- and four door sedans and 5-door wagon.
  • 1975 model year – All-wheel drive wagon offered.
  • 1978 – AWD-only pickup added, marketed as Subaru Brat in North America and Subaru Brumby in Australia. Sedans and wagons offered in plainer DL and fancier GL trim.
  • 1980 – SECOND GENERATION – restyled body for passenger cars. Two-door sedan dropped, replaced by 3-door hatchback on a shorter wheelbase than the others, available with AWD. Pickup continues on old body. 5-speed manual transmission supplied with 2WD GL sedans and wagon and GLF hardtop.
  • 1982 – Pickup now restyled, catches up with passenger cars.
  • 1983 – GL now midlevel trim, fancier GL-10 trim for all bodystyles replaces hardtop-only GLF. Turbocharged engine (“Turbo-Traction”) available on AWD GL-10s. AWD now available on sedans and hardtops, and with 5-speed or automatic transmission for the first time. Minor trim changes for all models include “honeycomb” grille texture, Mercedes-style ribbed taillight lenses, and plastic-covered bumpers (except North American 2wd models). GL and GL-10 now have quad headlights.
  • 1985 – THIRD GENERATION sedan and wagon with larger, angular body. Quad headlights now on base DL, composite headlights on GL and GL-10. Hardtop discontinued, second gen. hatchback and pickup continue without change.

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Kawasaki A1 – 1967-1971

Kawasaki A1 Specification :
home Kawasaki A1 1967 1971 Manufacturer : Kawasaki
calendar Kawasaki A1 1967 1971 Productions : 1967-1971
settings Kawasaki A1 1967 1971 Engine : 250 cc, # 2 Stroke, 2 Cylinder, Rotary Disc Valve
config Kawasaki A1 1967 1971 Transmission : 5-Speed, Return Shift
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Honda AZ600 (1971)

Honda AZ600 1971 1 590x442 Honda AZ600 (1971)

home Honda AZ600 (1971) Manufacturer : Honda
calendar Honda AZ600 (1971) Productions : 1971-1973
world Honda AZ600 (1971) Source :

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1971 Jaguar XKE

home 1971 Jaguar XKE Manufacturer : Jaguar
calendar 1971 Jaguar XKE Productions : 1961-1974
settings 1971 Jaguar XKE Engine : 4200 cc, inline 6 cylinders, 250 HP
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Fiat 128 (1969-1985)

Fiat 128 (1969-1985)

Fiat 128 (1969-1985) Specification :
home Fiat 128 (1969 1985) Manufacturer : Fiat
calendar Fiat 128 (1969 1985) Productions : 1969-1985
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Chevrolet NASCAR Black Widow 1957

1957 chevy black widow 1 Chevrolet NASCAR Black Widow 1957

Chevrolet NASCAR Black Widow 1957 specifications :
Manufacturer : Chevrolet
Productions : 1957
Engine : fuel-injected, 283-cubic-inch, 283-horsepower small-block Chevy engine, three-speed manual transmission, six-lug wheels, 20-gallon gas tank and no radio, cigarette lighter or arm rests.

1957 chevy black widow 2 Chevrolet NASCAR Black Widow 1957

1957 chevy black widow 3 Chevrolet NASCAR Black Widow 1957

Source : Autoblog

Oldsmobile 442 (1968-1972)

home Oldsmobile 442 (1968 1972) Manufacturer : Oldsmobile
calendar Oldsmobile 442 (1968 1972) Productions : 1968-1972
world Oldsmobile 442 (1968 1972) Source :

The Oldsmobile 442 was a muscle car produced by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors. It was introduced as an option package for F-85 and Cutlass models sold in the United States beginning with the 1964 model year. It became a model in its own right from 1968 to 1971, then reverted to an option through the mid-1970s. Oldsmobile revived the name in the 1980s on the rear-wheel drive Cutlass Supreme and early 1990s as an option package for the new front-wheel drive Cutlass.

1970 Nissan 240Z

1970 Nissan 240Z 1 580x435 1970 Nissan 240Z

home 1970 Nissan 240Z Manufacturer :  Nissan
calendar 1970 Nissan 240Z Productions : 1970
settings 1970 Nissan 240Z Engine : 2.0 litre straight-6
config 1970 Nissan 240Z Transmission : 5-speed manual transmission
world 1970 Nissan 240Z Source :

The Nissan S30 (sold in Japan as the Nissan Fairlady Z and in other markets as the Datsun 240Z and later as the 260Z and 280Z) was the first generation of Z sporty 2 seater and 2+2 coupes produced by Nissan Motors, Ltd. of Japan from 1969 to 1978. It was designed by a team led by Mr. Yoshihiko Matsuo, the head of Nissan’s Sports Car Styling Studio. HLS30 was the designation of the left-hand drive model and HS30 for the right-hand drive model.

The Fairlady Z was introduced in late 1969 as a 1970 model, with the L20A 2.0 litre straight-6 SOHC engine, rear wheel drive, and a stylish coupe body. The engine, based on the Datsun 510′s 4-cylinder, produced 150 hp (112 kW) and came with a 5-speed manual transmission (240Z models received the L24 2.4 litre engine and a 4-speed manual). A less common 3-speed automatic transmission was optional from 1971 on, and had a “Nissan Full Automatic” badge. A 4-wheel independent suspension consisted of MacPherson struts in front (borrowed from the Datsun Laurel C30) and Chapman struts in back. Front disc brakes and rear drums were standard.

1970 Giannini Monza Spyder

home 1970 Giannini Monza Spyder Manufacturer : Giannnini
calendar 1970 Giannini Monza Spyder Productions : 1970
settings 1970 Giannini Monza Spyder Engine : 810 cc, I 4 cylinder.
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