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Datsun Deluxe Sedan 1953

Datsun Deluxe Sedan DB5 1953

Datsun Deluxe Sedan Specifications :
Manufacturer : Datsun
Productions : 1953
Engine : Type D10 (4-cyl. in line, SV)
EngineDisplacement / Max. power : 860cc / 18kW (24PS)
Seating capacity : 4
Overall length : 3,805mm
Overall width : 1,480mm
Overall height : 1,560mm
Wheelbase : 2,150mm
Tread (front/rear) : 1,048/1,180mmEngine Type D10 (4-cyl. in line, SV)
Curb weight : 890kg
Top speed : 78km/h
Model number : DB-5

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Datsun 210 “Sakura” 1958

Datsun 210 Sakura 1958

Datsun 210 “Sakura” Specification :
Manufacturer : Datsun
Production : 1958
Overall length / width / height : 3,860/1,466/1,535mm
Wheelbase : 2,220mm
Curb weight : 925kg
Engine : Type C (4-cyl. in line, OHV)
EngineDisplacement : 988cc
EngineMax. power : 25kW (34PS)/4,400rpm
EngineMax. torque : 65Nm (6.6kgm)/2,400rpm
Gear ratios : 4.94, 3.01, 1.73, 1.0
Suspension : Leaf rigid (front & rear)
Brakes : Drum (front & rear)
Top speed : 95km/h
Together with the Fuji 210, Sakura entered the 1958 Around Australia rally (official name: Around Australia Mobilgas Trial) and came 4th in Class A (Car No. 14: Minawa/Oya). The newly developed OHV engine (nicknamed the Stone Engine) powering the 210 displayed extraordinary stamina. Both cars completed the harsh course, which virtually circumnavigates the entire continent, an extraordinary feat that will always be remembered.

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Datsun 210 “Fuji” 1958

Datsun 210 Fuji 1958

Datsun 210 “Fuji” 1958 Specifications:
Manufacturer : Datsun
Productions : 1958
Engine : Type C (4-cyl. in line, OHV)
Engine Displacement : 988cc
EngineMax. power : 25kW (34PS)/4,400rpm
EngineMax. torque : 65Nm (6.6kgm)/2,400rpm
Suspension : Leaf rigid (front & rear)
Brakes : Drum(front & rear)
Top speed : 95km/h

Honda C-50 Deluxe 1966

Honda C-50 Deluxe 1966

Honda C-50 Deluxe 1966 Specification :
Manufacture : Honda
Year : 1966
Engine : 50cc, OHC, four-stroke, single cylinder
Transmission: Three-speed

Jaguar C-Type (1951-1953)

home Jaguar C Type (1951 1953) Manufacturer : Jaguar
calendar Jaguar C Type (1951 1953) Productions : 1951-1953
settings Jaguar C Type (1951 1953) Engine : 3.4 litre twin-cam, straight-6  between 160 and 180 bhp (134 kW)
world Jaguar C Type (1951 1953) Source :

The Jaguar C-Type (also called the Jaguar XK120-C) is a racing sports car built by Jaguar and sold from 1951 to 1953. The “C” designation stood for ‘competition’.

The car used the running gear of the contemporary XK120 in a lightweight tubular frame and aerodynamic aluminium body. A total of 52 C-Types were built.

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1953 Cadillac Le Mans Concept

home 1953 Cadillac Le Mans Concept Manufacturer : Cadillac
calendar 1953 Cadillac Le Mans Concept Productions : 1953
settings 1953 Cadillac Le Mans Concept Engine :  331 CI V-8 250-HP
world 1953 Cadillac Le Mans Concept Source :

The Cadillac Le Mans was a concept car developed by Cadillac in 1953. It was named for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France, which Cadillac competed in in 1950. The design was a low-profile (51-inches to the windshield frame), two-seat, fiberglass-bodied roadster. It was powered by a 250-HP version of Cadillac’s 331 CI V-8, a power output not reached in production Cadillacs until 1955. Though 4 units were built, the model never went into production, and it would be nearly 50 years before Cadillac developed another vehicle with a similar design concept, the Cadillac XLR. Of the four, 1 is documented as having been destroyed in a fire; the other 3 still exist with 1 of those currently in the Cadillac Historical Collect

Aston Martin DB3S (1953)

home Aston Martin DB3S (1953) Manufacturer : Aston Martin
calendar Aston Martin DB3S (1953) Productions : 1953
settings Aston Martin DB3S (1953) Engine : 133 hp (99 kW) 2.6 straight-6 engine
world Aston Martin DB3S (1953) Source :

The Aston Martin DB3S was a lighter version of the car, introduced in 1953. It was somewhat more successful, and was produced until 1956. Two coupe versions were also built.

The Aston Martin DB3S was replaced in 1956 by the famed Aston Martin DBR1, which finally claimed Le Mans in 1959.

Toyota SG 1953 – Old Toyota Truck Model

Toyota SG 1953 Old Toyota Truck Model

Toyota SG Specifications :
Manufacturer : Toyota
Production : 1952–1954
Class : light truck
Layout : front-engine, rear-wheel drive
Platform : ladder frame
Engine(s) : Type S
Transmission(s) : 3 speed manual

Toyota SG 1953 Old Toyota Truck Model

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Raleigh Old Bike 1953

home Raleigh Old Bike 1953 Manufacturer : Raleigh
calendar Raleigh Old Bike 1953 Productions : 1953
world Raleigh Old Bike 1953 Source :

Cadillac Eldorado (1953-1959)

home Cadillac Eldorado (1953 1959) Manufacturer : Cadillac
calendar Cadillac Eldorado (1953 1959) Productions : 1953-1959
settings Cadillac Eldorado (1953 1959) Engine : 5422 cc, 8-V, OHV, 2 valves per cylinder
world Cadillac Eldorado (1953 1959) Source :

The Cadillac Eldorado was the longest running American personal luxury car as it was the only one sold after the 1998 model year. Its main competitors included the Mark Series and the lower-priced Buick Riviera. The name Eldorado was derived from the Spanish words “el dorado”, the “gilded one”; the name was given originally to the legendary chief or “cacique” of a S. American Indian tribe. Legend has it that his followers would sprinkle his body with gold dust on ceremonial occasions and he would wash it off again by diving into a lake. The name more frequently refers to a legendary city of fabulous riches, somewhere in S. America, that inspired many European expeditions, including one to the Orinoco by England’s Sir Walter Ralei

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