Saab 95 (1960)

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settings Saab 95 (1960) Engine : 841 cc three-cylinder two-stroke engine
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The Saab 95 was a 7-seater, 2-door station wagon made by Saab, based on the Saab 96 sedan version. It was introduced in 1959, but because only 40 were made in 1959, production is often said to have started in 1960.

The first engine was an 841 cc three-cylinder two-stroke engine, but from 1967 onward, it became available with the same four-stroke Ford V4 as used in the Saab 96 and the Ford Taunus. It had a four-speed manual transmission. A rear-facing folding seat was dropped with the 1976 model, making the car a regular 5-seater. Production ended in 1978. A total of 110,527 were made.

For certain markets (Norway, Denmark) a special export version delivery van was available without a rear seat and rear side windows. Both commercial companies and private persons made conversions of the Saab 95 to a pickup truck.

In 1961, Erik Carlsson finished 4th in the Monte Carlo Rally in a two-stroke Saab 95.

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