Jaguar XK SS (1957)

Jaguar XK SS (1957) 1

home Jaguar XK SS (1957) Manufacturer : Jaguar
calendar Jaguar XK SS (1957) Productions : 1957
settings Jaguar XK SS (1957) Engine : inline 4 cylinder , 220.00 PS (161,19 kW or 215,92 HP) at 5800 Rev. per min.
config Jaguar XK SS (1957) Transmission : 4 speed manual transmission
world Jaguar XK SS (1957) Source :

After Jaguar withdrew from racing the company offered the remaining, unfinished chassis as the roadgoing Jaguar XK SS, by making changes to the racers: adding an extra seat, another door, a full-width windshield and folding top, as concessions to practicality. However, on the evening of 12 February 1957, a fire broke out at the Browns Lane plant destroying nine of the twenty-five cars that had already been completed or were semi-completed. Production is thought to have included 53 customer D-types, 18 factory team cars, and 16 XK SS versions.


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