Aston Martin DB6 (1956)

home Aston Martin DB6 (1956) Manufacturer : Aston Martin
calendar Aston Martin DB6 (1956) Productions : 1956
settings Aston Martin DB6 (1956) Engine : dohc I-6, 3995 cc, 282 bhp @ 5500 rpm, 288 lbs-ft @ 3850 rpm (Vantage: 325 bhp @ 5750 rpm)
config Aston Martin DB6 (1956) Transmission : ZF 5-speed overdrive manual or Borg-Warner 3-speed automatic
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The Aston Martin DB4 through the DB5, the new model was announced at the London Motor Show in October 1965. The most noticeable styling change on the Aston Martin DB6 was the spoiler – then called a Kamm tail – integrated into the tail of the car, which improved high speed stability. The split front and rear bumpers; a redesigned oil cooler opening in the front valance, a higher roof (136 cm) and longer wheelbase (258.5 cm), 9.5 cm more than the DB5, giving an overall length of 462 cm.

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