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Bugatti Veyron (2005)

Bugatti Veyron 2005 1 590x442 Bugatti Veyron (2005)

home Bugatti Veyron (2005) Manufacturer : Bugatti
calendar Bugatti Veyron (2005) Productions : 2005

Technical Specifications

Drive Train
Motor type / Number of cylinders: W16
Cylinder capacity: 7,993 cm
Power output: 736 KW (1,001 hp) at 6,000 rpm
Max. torque: 1,250 Nm from 2,200 – 5,500 rpm
Gearbox: 7 Gear DSG
Drive: All wheels

Top speed: 407 km/h
+ 2.5 sec 0-100 km/h
+ 7.3 sec 0-200 km/h
+ 16.7 sec 0-300 km/h
Braking distance: 31.4 m 100-0 km/h
Gearbox shift time:

Length: 4,462 mm
Width: 1,998 mm
Height, normal position: 1,204 mm
Wheel base: 2,710 mm
Curb weight: 1,888 kg
Max. permitted laden weight: 2,200 kg
Tank capacity: 100 l

Tyres, front: 265-680 ZR 500A (99Y) PAX System
Tyres, rear: 365-710 ZR 540A (108Y) PAX System

Fuel Consumption
In town: 40.4 l
Out of town: 14.7 l
Combined: 24.1 l

Bugatti Type 57SC Gangloff Drop Head Coupe 1937

Bugatti Type 57SC Gangloff Drop Head Coupe 1937

Bugatti Type 57SC Gangloff Drop Head Coupe 1937 is the most expensive car ever purchased at auction, when an anonymous bidder spent an estimated 30 million dollars. That car is in the Oxnard, CA museum called Mullin Automotive Museum. It is from the Ralph Lauren collection.

Toyota Carina II T170 1988-1992

Toyota Carina II

Toyota Carina II T170 Specifications :
Manufacturer : Toyota
Production : 1988–1992
Class : Large family car
Body style(s) : 4-door saloon / 5-door liftback / 5-door estate
Platform : AT171, ST170, CT170
Engine(s) : 1.6 L 4A-C petrol / 1.6 L 4A-FE petrol / 2.0 L 3S-FE petrol / 2.0 L 2C-L diesel.
Transmission(s) : 4/5 MT
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1934-1936 Elgin Blackhawk

home 1934 1936 Elgin Blackhawk Manufacturer :  Westfield Manufacturing Company
calendar 1934 1936 Elgin Blackhawk Productions : 1934-1936
world 1934 1936 Elgin Blackhawk Source :

This completely original Elgin Blackhawk exemplifies the styling trend of the time with it’s massive motorcycle size toolbox tank and low slung frame. The Blackhawk was manufactured by Westfield Manufacturing for sale by Sears between 1934 and 1936. The frame design was called the “Twinbar” and preceded the radically styled Twinbar of 1938-40. The bike changed very little between years. This bike features the unique “Elgin” pancake horn with flipper switch mounted to the handlebar. The original red seat is still on it! Notice the bulky steel clad wood rims made by Lobdel, and the original speedometer.

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Holden Torana GTR-X (1970)

home Holden Torana GTR X (1970) Manufacturer : Holden
calendar Holden Torana GTR X (1970) Productions : 1970
world Holden Torana GTR X (1970) Source :

The Holden Torana GTR-X Concept was designed during the era of the LC series Torana, and was seriously considered for production in the early 1970s. The GTR-X had a wedge-shaped fibreglass body featuring a hatchback rear access, and the prototype cars had LC Torana GTR XU-1 mechanical components.

The Holden Torana GTR-X Concept looks similar to iconic sports cars of the 1970s, such as the Ferrari 308 GT4, Lotus Esprit and the Mazda RX-7. It weighed in at 1,043 kg (2,299 lb) and has a top speed of 210 km/h (130 mph). The Torana GTR-X in production would have been the first Holden car to be factory fitted with four wheel disc brakes.

When Holden released a promotional brochure about the GTR-X, they said – “Its long, sleek hood is accentuated by a low wedge-shaped grille. The body line sweeps up at the rear to an elevated tail light assembly. Simplicity is the keynote. It is achieved by concealed headlights, sharp windshield rake, recessed parking and turning lights, and flush petrol filler access and door handles. Front and rear bumpers assume the contour of the body. To identify the car, the GTR-X identification is contained within a crisp black and orange stripe running parallel to the rocker panel”.

The Torana GTR-X was highly developed by Holden from concept, and even though brochures, photography and promotional films were produced to show how serious they were in putting the car into production, the company was ultimately unable to justify the high cost of committing itself to production given the size of the Australian population in those days.

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1980 Toyota Crown

1980 Toyota Crown

home 1980 Toyota Crown Manufacturer : Toyota
calendar 1980 Toyota Crown Productions : 1980-1983
settings 1980 Toyota Crown Engine : 2.2 for Diesel Engine and 2.8 for Petrol Engine
world 1980 Toyota Crown Source :
The Crown has evolved into a line of full-size luxury sedans by Toyota. The range was primarily available in Japan and some other Asian countries, originally designed to serve as a taxi. It was in later years sold in the United States during the late 1950s and up until 1971. The Crown is Toyota’s oldest sedan still in production. It is outranked only by the Century and the Majesta in social status. The Crown is used by many Japanese companies as the company limosiune. Exports to Europe began in 1964 with the first cars going to Finland. Other European countries which saw imports of the Crown included the Netherlands and Belgium. The United Kingdom was another market until the early 1980s. It was also exported to Canada for a few years—1965–68. In many markets the Crown had become very expensive and was replaced by the Cressida when that model became available for export in the early 1980s.
Australia was another important export market for the Crown—to the extent that it was manufactured there from the mid-1960s until the late 1980s using many local components.

1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra

home 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra Manufacturer : Ford
calendar 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra Productions : 1969
settings 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra Engine : 3,3 L, 6 cylinders.
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Kawasaki KZ250-D1 1980

Kawasaki KZ250-D1 1980

Kawasaki KZ250-D1 Specifications:
Manufacturer :Kawasaki
Production : 1980
Engine : 250 cc, 4-stroke, 1 Cylinder, Over Head Camshaft.
Transmission : 5-Speed, Return Shift.
Max. Horsepower : 19 HP @ 8,000 rpm
Spark Plug: NGK B7ES,
Fuel Tank Color : Luminous Dark Blue.
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Schwinn Jaguar (Mark II) 1957

Manufacturer : Schwinn
Productions : 1957
Source :

The Mark II Jaguar is a great combination of balloon style and the riding comfort of a middle weight. This bike feature chrome fenders, horn tank with chrome trim, three speed thumb shifter, rear carrier with tail light, front spring trap carrier, front and reat caliper brakes, shrome S7 rims and Westwind white wall tires. These are excellent riders that have a lot of flash and style.

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Shelby Supreme 1940

home Shelby Supreme 1940 Manufacturer : Shelby Cycle Company
calendar Shelby Supreme 1940 Productions : 1940
world Shelby Supreme 1940 Source :

This bike is equipped with “Shock-ease” internal springer fork, “biscuit” headlight, horn tank, rear carrier, and deep fenders with curved braces.

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