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home BLACK PHANTOM SCHWINN 1954 Manufacturer : SCHWINN
calendar BLACK PHANTOM SCHWINN 1954 Productions : 1954
world BLACK PHANTOM SCHWINN 1954 Source :

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Toyota Starlet 60 Series 1978-1984

home Toyota Starlet 60 Series 1978 1984 Manufacturer : Toyota
calendar Toyota Starlet 60 Series 1978 1984 Productions : 1978-1984
settings Toyota Starlet 60 Series 1978 1984 Engine : 993 cc 2K I4, 1166 cc 3K I4, 1290 cc 4K I4
config Toyota Starlet 60 Series 1978 1984 Transmission : K40 (4-speed manual), K50 (5-speed manual)
world Toyota Starlet 60 Series 1978 1984 Source :

Description : The 60 series, introduced in 1978 was better known, being the first to be extensively sold outside Japan. It was offered with 993 (KP60 2K), 1,166 (KP62 3K) and 1,290 cc (KP61 4K) engines. Three- and five-door hatchbacks were offered in export markets, although a distinctive 5-door wagon variant was sold in Japan, Hong Kong and Germany. Trim levels were Standard, De Luxe (also known as DX in some markets), GL, XL, S, and SE.
In 1980 the Starlet was facelifted to include square headlights and a second facelift followed in 1983 to incorporate a slant nose front end, and lower hatch opening.
The KP61 was the only Starlet ever sold in the USA from 1981 to 1984, and the Toyota Corolla FX replaced it in 1985. The 1981–1982 models came with standard 5-speed manual transmission and tachometer. It is an equivalent to other markets’ S model. The 1983–1984 models were additionally offered with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) with the 4K engine, but with 4-speed manual transmission, and similar to other markets’ XLi model.

Toyota Starlet – 1983

1983 Toyota Starlet specifications :
Manufacturer : Toyota
Productions : 1978 – 1984
Engine : 4 cylinders, 1290cc, 58 HP, gasoline petrol fuel type, carburetor fuel feed, rear wheel drive, manual transmission. read more »

Schwinn 1945

Schwinn+1945 Schwinn 1945

Specification :
Manufacturer : Arnold, Schwinn & Co.
Production : 1945
Source :

Fiat 1400 (1950-1954)

home Fiat 1400 (1950 1954) Manufacturer : Fiat
calendar Fiat 1400 (1950 1954) Productions : 1950-1954
settings Fiat 1400 (1950 1954) Engine : 1,4 ltr with a capacity of 44 HP with 4400 U/min.
config Fiat 1400 (1950 1954) Transmission : -
world Fiat 1400 (1950 1954) Source :

The Fiat 1400 was a model of car produced by Italian automotive manufacturer Fiat between 1950 and 1954

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Schwinn Jaguar (Mark II) 1957

Manufacturer : Schwinn
Productions : 1957
Source :

The Mark II Jaguar is a great combination of balloon style and the riding comfort of a middle weight. This bike feature chrome fenders, horn tank with chrome trim, three speed thumb shifter, rear carrier with tail light, front spring trap carrier, front and reat caliper brakes, shrome S7 rims and Westwind white wall tires. These are excellent riders that have a lot of flash and style.

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Schwinn Auto-Cycle 1936

home Schwinn Auto Cycle 1936 Manufacturer : Schwinn
calendar Schwinn Auto Cycle 1936 Productions : 1936
world Schwinn Auto Cycle 1936 Source :

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Schwinn Aerocycle 1930

home Schwinn Aerocycle 1930 Manufacturer : Schwinn
calendar Schwinn Aerocycle 1930 Productions : 1930
world Schwinn Aerocycle 1930 Source :

Schwinn Lemon Peeler Sting-Ray 1972

home Schwinn Lemon Peeler Sting Ray 1972 Manufacturer : Schwinn
calendar Schwinn Lemon Peeler Sting Ray 1972 Productions : 1972
world Schwinn Lemon Peeler Sting Ray 1972 Source :

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Jaguar D-Type (1954-1957)

home Jaguar D Type (1954 1957) Manufacturer : Jaguar
calendar Jaguar D Type (1954 1957) Productions : 1954-1957
settings Jaguar D Type (1954 1957) Engine : initially 3.4L and eventually uprated to 3.8 litres in the late fifties
world Jaguar D Type (1954 1957) Source :

The Jaguar D-Type, like its predecessor the C-Type, was a factory-built race car. Although it shared the basic straight-6 XK engine design (initially 3.4L and eventually uprated to 3.8 litres in the late fifties) with the C-Type, the majority of the car was radically different. Perhaps its most ground-breaking innovation was the introduction of a monocoque chassis, which not only introduced aircraft-style engineering to competition car design, but also an aeronautical understanding of aerodynamic efficiency. The Jaguar D-Type was introduced purely for competition, but after Jaguar withdrew from racing, the company offered the remaining, unfinished chassis as the roadgoing Jaguar XK SS, by making changes to the racers: adding an extra seat, another door, a full-width windshield and primitive folding top, as concessions to practicality. However, on the evening of 12 February 1957, a fire broke out at the Browns Lane plant destroying nine of the twenty five cars that had already been completed or in semi-completion. Production is thought to have included 53 customer D-Types, 18 factory team cars, and 16 XKSS versions.

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